Shortcuts Keys and Multiple Window Desktops for Windows-10

Shortcuts Keys

Hello, friends today’s topic is how to open any program with keyboard shortcuts and use multiple window desktops in windows-10.
There are different ways to open a program in windows 10 you can use windows menu,use Cortana and you can pin the shortcut to the toolbar but in my opinion, the most comfortable way to get a quick access to any program by just using the keyboard shortcuts on your keyboard by just using the keyboard shortcuts.
Windows 10 gives you a great thing to create a shortcut for any program.You can use any keyboard shortcut for your favorite games (or) apps and programs.I will explain how to do that and paste some screenshots to easy to identify that to make it easier.

First, click on the windows menu and it shows the bunch of apps and programs.I will paste screenshots for step by step in below.


Click on all apps look for the app that you want to create a shortcut ex: I can create a shortcut for Microsoft power point 2013.Go to Microsoft office and go to power point 2013.

Just go to that option-right-click on that and choose an open file location.Now you can see that file location and shortcut icon for Microsoft power point 2013.
After click on open file location and it shows file location and right-click on it and clicks on properties in that properties you can see something down there shortcut key.
It shows the box click inside the box and chooses a letter for your keyboard shortcut ex: I can select power point to indicate to me is ”P” that is (Ctrl+Alt+P) It is an easy way to identify my power point 2013.

In that way you can put any keyboard shortcut key instead of ”P” that’s your choice then you can see shortcut key combination for your program (Ctrl+Alt+P).

If you click that immediately launch the Microsoft power point 2013.Once you choose shortcut key for power point and click on apply the shortcut is saved.
The Ctrl and Alt keys are default on every shortcut that you make for any program.So don’t nothing to do them after creating shortcut go and try it working or not working.But it is absolutely work you can use shortcuts for any program that your interest to launch quickly access in case you want to remove the shortcut for any particular program go to same program location and right click on that power point and choose properties to click shortcut key box and continuously hitting back and clear all that you are create shortcut and click on apply and close it then keyboard shortcut for that particular program is disable. in this way you can create shortcuts for any program.
You can a virtual desktop in windows 10.They are two ways to create virtual desktops.
First way -1
Click the task view button and you can see all of your open tasks in task view panel what you need to do is look for a button called new desktop.

you can see the logo right side of your taskbar just click it and you can see a new desktop generate desktop number 2. If you click it again you can generate another virtual desktop again click the new desktop to create ultimate desktops as much you want to make your experience with windows 10 even better.
Second way-2
 It is a way using your keyboard key shortcuts just type (Window menu+Ctrl+D) it generates new virtual desktop and you can see the another desktop.You can use (Ctrl+tab) instead of task view button.Once open task view panel you can see all of your open tasks as well as your virtual desktop to switch between them it’s really easy.
Open the task view panel click on the desktop that you wanna switch too.You can also quickly switch desktop without going a task view panel just using this following shortcuts(Windows menu+Ctrl+left arrow) after clicking that it changes to left side desktop and use (Windows menu+Ctrl+right arrow) to switch the opposite side you are moving to the first desktop on the right side at the movement.
you can add a number of the virtual desktop on Windows 10.You can close all in one’s but can perform key combination on your keyboard ( Windows key+Ctrl+F4) and you can see all your desktops are closed that how you can create and manage virtual desktop in Windows 10.

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