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Top 5 Windows Phone Apps

top 5 windows phone aps

crossey bird



  The crossy bird game is very crazy game its looks like cartoon games but it’s very tough game and it improves your concentration power and timing to move the bird. The game purpose is to cross a bird into the road
The road should be full of traffic like fast cars,buses,trucks,and mainly trains.
In this game, you just tap the screen the bird can move in the first line of the road the additionally you can collect the apples in the road than you can change your character this game can play single player and both multiplayer that no problem you can reach high scores on it.

tetra lockscreen

      The Microsoft give you a perfect look screen and you can check these favorite platforms.The Microsoft Tetra Lock screen provides a verity of lock screen widgets.The tetra lock screen which requires windows phone 8.1.In the tetra lock screen, you can add some more widgets to look screen.

drop box

    The Dropbox provides an optimized performance for viewing your Dropbox files.It needs to sync your files between this device and others.Dropbox you take photos,docs and videos anywhere you can share easily.You can save a file to your Dropbox from all of computer,phones,tablets and web.

app folder

            If you can change your lock screen and make things easier to find with App Folder.You can app download then open the app and simply create a folder with your favorite name.Then add apps to that type of folder to what you want,then pin to your lock screen.This type of way you can create so many app folders you need.App folder helps you-you can short your start screen your way.

one music

                   One Music is the full futures alternative for your built-in music player. You can enjoy your music in a beautiful,clean and simple way
 the one music can play all your stored on your device. It is faster,easier and customization and allows you to create and manage playlists and so much more.

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