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WhatsApp video calls are now available to everyone

video call using whatsapp

WhatsApp-Hello guys, I’m here to explain to you how to do video call on WhatsApp. the video calls with your buddy’s. We all know the importance of WhatsApp in our daily life.WhatsApp has approximately 46 million subscribers,And now there is a big move in WhatsApp new update it’s nothing but video calling.This can be used in IOS Mobiles,Androids,HTC Mobiles.As in every trending app like hike,messenger,google allow has video calling,Now it’s also provided in WhatsApp and the best and easy way of video chat.  

Before this I will tell you something in past this Whatsapp is very popular around the world everyone make chat in Whatsapp and sending and music and chatting in Whatsapp and also making Whatsapp voice call and Whatsapp voice message for the last few days but, Whatsapp launched a very effective feature on that app that is video call on WhatsApp to make it very bright feature and easy to share anything directly.By using this video call using Whatsapp getting good knowledge about everything about how to explain in face to face.  

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To do what’s up video calling the following steps must be followed:

  •  Both the users have the latest version of video call on Whatsapp.
  •  Users phone version must support this version for Whatsapp voice call and Whatsapp video call.

How to do Whatsapp video call:

TO do what’s up video call these steps should be followed
  1. Both users have updated version
  2. Then open Whatsapp 
  3.  Open the contact with whom you want to do video call
  4. At the top right, you can see phone symbol
  5. Press the phone symbol
  6. you can see the options as shown in above picture
  7. press video call
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Features of video calling in Whatsapp:

  • you can mute the audio
  • you can cut the call by pressing hang button

Drawbacks in this video call on WhatsApp:  

In this version

  1.  can’t do video calling in groups
  • both must have the same updated version to do video calling.


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