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5 Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

hello,guys in this post I will explain few important key points about youtube that is youtube videos SEO.So many people are having their own YouTube channel and making different types of videos like technology,Cooking,Dance,Gadget reviews and so on but they are uploading the videos in youtube channel after that when we search for that particular videos it does not appear on the first page on youtube.They know about how to create a youtube channel and how to upload a video But,they don't know  how to optimize that particular video and how to do SEO for that video.If you want to know the correct process to show your youtube videos show's the first page in that particular keyword.follow me and learn the way of doing youtube videos SEO and after learn you can get better results.
I will explain you the 5-tips to help you rank your YouTube video on the first page on YouTube. 

Best tips for making your Youtube Video on the first page:

Tip-1: Put Keyword in Raw file

Put your keyword in your raw file name.Before uploading a video into your YouTube channel. Rwa file means when we create a video name in that name you first set a proper keyword that video name is known as raw file name it is the first tip for SEO.In that Raw file name add your video name to that video.After uploaded that video on youtube you can see the raw file name in the right side n your video.

Tip-2:Add keyword in Title and Description

You need to put a keyword in your video title and in your video description.First, add that adding keyword in the title after that adding keyword in the first line and add a keyword in the last line in your description box and you should maintain that type of keyword in description minimum two times. 

Tip-3:Optimize your tags by using 3 Tools

Optimize your keywords so what you need to do is optimize your keywords without spending time search using tools that available in google chrome extension.

Why do you use these three extensions and make your video rank high in the search results because each of then unique ability to have to optimize keywords so first, so many people are adding tags but so many people are adding tags but not properly but you can add it properly by using these extensions.

In first I will explain to you how to use 

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

1.VidiQ vision for YouTube:Using this VidiQ when you search any type of video on youtube you can get secret tags in that particular post why that post showing the first page in that particular keyword. In this tools shows the tags in that posts only it shows less than two links of tags in that tags you can use that time of keyword to your same category videos it is useful to rank your keyword very faster.

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

2.Heartbeat: First click on the heartbeat extension on the top right corner in google chrome and it opens a window like a box and in that box, you can see search box place your video keyword and hit search.After completed searching tool show you different types of related keywords to your videos you need to do is click green color plus button it appears every keyword fist starting left side choose any keyword and add them to tags it can also rank your keyword in search results.

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

3.TubeBuddy: In this TubeBuddy after adding tube buddy to your google extension bar you can find that option in below your upload post what you need to do is scroll down the mouse and you can see the option like a clear shot,suggest,explore and translate.First, click on suggest and this tool was analysis your content and your video it is also a part of SEO on this tool. Which is so high recommended rank in the youtube video.

Tip-4:Optimize your Design and your best thumbnail

Optimize your thumbnail in this tip you need to do is first design you thumbnail to get people attraction and once people seen your thumbnail they can get an idea for your video.what do you mean by this process you need to create some nice looking designs and like edit one picture related to your video and your idea is very important the total design is completely based on you way of thinking this is your first step to getting an impression to your visitors and add some logo about your videos and when people are getting interested in your title and thumbnail they click your video and watched.This is the one type of secret tip.

Tip-5:Create a Playlist with related keywords

Use playlist to your videos  to rank your video because playlist also is the list in ranking factors you can search playlist about your video relatedly ad and add that in a playlist and this rise the video first place in search results.This process first you need to do is create playlists it is related to your post and your keyword once you create a playlist and then search keyword by using your keywords and it shows different types of keywords and choose any keyword and add to your playlist that's it you can get better results on Youtube.

Hello guys if you want to give any type of suggestion (or) any other ways to do SEO for your youtube videos comment below and feel free share this post to your friends and social media and encourage me 

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Mobdro Apk Download and Install for Android and PC

Mobdro Apk

Mobdro - Hey folks are finding the best app to watch online tv or tv shows, then today you are at the best and idol spot because in out this article we are going to share something interesting, today we are here to talk about an amazing app called mobdro, so have you ever listen to this fantastic app. I think an answer is yes because it is not a fake app it is an app that can allow you to watch online videos or tv shows that you mostly like. So what do you think now today we are sharing everything about mobdro. In our this article we are going to tell you everything about mobdro apk like mobdro features, how to download mobdro apk, and how to download mobdro for andoird and mobdro for pc. So why are you waiting for let's get ready to read out this full article to know more about mobdro apk. As we know that this is the time to be unique and technical, then TV is just going to old and we have a lot of ways to enjoy our favorite shows and videos, then i think mobdro is one of the best way that can provide you some best features, So let's check out more about mobdro.

Mobdro - What is it?

Mobdro is one of the best entertainment application in the present trends.This Mobdro application constantly searches, and better web crawls for the new and video stream make them accessible and Android devices.Mobdro Apk is one of the best video streaming app nowadays and great video quality.It is a free application that enables users to watch T.V channels,Movies,Music,Sports,News,Tech and some another video on their mobile devices such as Smartphones (or) Tablets.

Mobdro Apk download:

Mobdro app is not available in Google Play Store so, will need to download Mobdro Apk file in another source browser.I will guide you how to install Mobdro for Android (smartphone (or) tablets) and also how to download and install Mobdro for PC with Windows operating system.

Download Mobdro For Android:

open any browser whatever you used in daily browsing purpose and search for Mobdro Apk and download the file and install it (or) another way if 

you want to download directly click here for latest version:

It will download the free version of the Mobdro app for Android it's fully functional and uses for a long time and after download click on install.Before install you need to do one thing that enables unknown source.

Download direct link for old version click on below here:


Go to settings  →Security→Turn on ''Unknown Source'' on your phone (or) tablet it also as to conform tap on 'ok'. This step is little different for some devices but all are same only you need to do is turn on the unknown source for install that this option only asks for download app without using google play store.
Once the file has finished the download, and it shows the notification that the download is completed.Tap that notification to open that file and install the app.It asks for to confirm the requirement that the Mobdro app needs such a network access tap on install and after installed that Mobdro Apk you can access that app for stream videos on your android devices.

Install Mobdro app for PC:

mobdro app for pc

Hello guys here is the one best app I introduced to you that app can make the best way to install android apps not only one mobdro apk for the PC and android app you want on your PC.I will put you two links. It's  very straight forward the first one is ( NOX APP PLAYER ), and another one is the mobdro apk for PC.In the Nox app player, you need to download and install that app player on your PC during installation it asks install drives install that one also.

Once you install the Nox app player you can open it up and before you open the Nox player after download the mobdro app in given link below and open the Nox player once download Mobdro app for PC goes to the source file and tap double click in that app and it is going to start installation process automatically.
You can see the icon pop up on the Nox player desktop.When you install mobdro app first time on your PC, it opens automatically accept the license in this process you need to do is click on accept it shows a different type of option like News,Movies, Sports, Tech,Gaming and so on enjoy the live T.V experience.

Download Nox App Player here:

Download Mobdro Apk for PC here:

Mobdro Online T.V App Details: 

  • In this present days can use on Android devices as an online T.V by using mobdro online tv app.This app enables us to watch T.V streams on our Android devices(phone (or) Tablets) and PC using the Android emulator.
  • We can watch many T.V channels such as cartoon network, ABC Family, BBC, Animal Planet and Syfy using mobdro online tv and also watch movies (or) other videos.
  • Mobdro T.V app allows to streams live sports channels such as sky sports, Bt Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports and Euro Sports, etc. 
So folks at the end of this article, I hope now you got everything about mobdro apk, then we hope you liked this article, and if you have any suggestions or feedback about this article then you can comment down below in the comment section, now go and download mobdro to watch your favorite videos or tv shows and encourage me for next post. 

How to use WhatsApp on your Computer

use WhatsApp on your Computer

Messaging Apps are trending these days. You can use WhatsApp without SIM like windows pc.There are lots of messaging apps on internet. Whatsapp is one of them. It is one of the most popular messaging app available on internet. If you want to chat with someone then you use WhatsApp for this, if you want to send any image or video to anyone you use WhatsApp. This has become a basic need of us and we can’t survive without this app in this modern world where you need to send many things regarding your work to many people.

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How to Fix No Internet Access Problem in Windows 10

How to Delete the Windows.old folder from Windows 1

If you too use this messaging app then you must agree that sometimes it becomes difficult to use this app and do our another important work together aslo secure WhatsApp chat. At that time you feel frustrated and think about the possible ways to do all the works properly then here we are going to tell you the solution of your problem. If you are working on your Pc and tired of using your phone to answer anyone on WhatsApp then you can simply use your WhatsApp in your computer. Yes! You can do so and here are some methods to do this.
But before doing this here are some basic requirements to do this. Your phone have to be one of the following :- 
  • Android 
  • iPhone 
  • 8.1+Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1  
  • Nokia S60, 
  • Nokia S40 
  • EVOBlackBerry and BlackBerry 10

If your phone is one of the above then you can do this. Now just follow the steps given below and use your WhatsApp on your computer.

Method 1 :- WhatsApp Web

You can do this by using WhatsApp web option in your app.
Step 1 – Go to this  address to your computer - 

On this page,you will see a QR Code and the page will look like this image given below.

 WhatsApp Web

Step 2 – Open WhatsApp in your phone and in the settings select “WhatsApp Web” option.

Step 3 – It will ask you to scan the code which is on your computer screen. Scan the code.
Step 4 – You are done enjoy your WhatsApp in your computer.

Note :- You have to keep your internet connection or wifi connection on in your phone while using this app in computer otherwise this feature won’t work.
That is the first method to use WhatsApp in Pc. Here is another method to do the same. Let’s have a look on it.

Method 1 :- WhatsApp's Desktop App

This method is just like the upper method but for this, you need to install an application first on your computer.
Step 1 – Go to this address in your Pc -

Step 2 – Download the suitable version for your computer. After downloading, Mac users need to unzip the file and windows users need to run the .exe file.
Step 4 – You are done enjoy your WhatsApp in your computer.

Note :- You have to keep your internet connection or wifi connection on in your phone while using this app in computer otherwise this feature won’t work.
That is the first method to use WhatsApp in Pc. Here is another method to do the same. Let’s have a look on it.

Method 2 :- WhatsApp's Desktop App

This method is just like the upper method but for this, you need to install an application first on your computer.
Step 1 – Go to this address in your Pc -

Step 2 – Download the suitable version for your computer. After downloading, Mac users need to unzip the file and windows users need to run the .exe file. 

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Download And Install iTube Apk For Android Devices

Download And Install iTube Apk For Android Devices

iTube - So are you addicted to YouTube, I think not only you, we all are getting addicted to YouTube in current time, YouTube replace the televisions. We can watch any video on YouTube, and we can watch any movie or tv show online. So we can watch any video on YouTube but what about offline, here is nop option available to download those videos for viewing offline. Many times we got some cool video on YouTube, and we want to download that, but the truth is we can't, so I think I have a solution for you. 
Today in our this article we are going to share the best way to download those videos to check out offline. Today in this article we are sharing everything about an amazing app called iTube, iTube is an app that can offer some best and cool features by which you can download any video which is available on YouTube. So in this article, you will read everything about iTube Apk like download iTube and its features. So why are you waiting for let's read this full article to know more about this amazing app called iTube?
iTube Apk Features -
So folks now after a short note about iTube, now, this time, we are sharing everything about its features, and specification. So if you are getting too much eager to know about its coolest features, then I think you wait going over. Then pals iTube Apk is an app by which you can download your favorite videos and then you can watch that videos without any net connection. Then iTube has some unique and best features that we are going to share with you. So let's have a look.
§  You can oversee you playlist effortlessly, with erasing any video from your playlist.
§  You can search any video that you need to watch or download.
§  You can do multitasking or background play.
§  Top trending recommendations.

§  You can discover any video with high exactness with a straightforward catchphrase look.
§  You can have the ability to change in accordance with your YouTube account and direct playlists particularly on area
§  Double tap on the video to zoom it out, one tap to reject controls.
So folks now after share iTube feature we hope you liked its features that iTube was serving you. It is the best app to download videos from youtube. Because by this iTube Apk you can download any video in any quality of format, besides this it has a lot of features that you have to check out, so let's download this app to enjoy iTube in your Android smartphone.
Download iTube Apk For Android Devices -
So folks now after telling you everything about iTube Apk and it's featured now, this time, we are sharing an easy and best tutorial to download this amazing app to your Android smartphone, we hope after reading this tutorial you can easily download this amazing app. So please we hope that you will like our tutorial to download iTube Apk for Android smartphones. So let's get ready to read this tutorial.
§  Before download iTube for your Android smartphone, you should go to the setting of your smartphone, and then follow the instructions, Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources (press OK).
§  Now Click Here to Download iTube Apk for your Android device.
§  Now after download iTube Apk File go to the file manager and install it on your Android smartphone.
§  After complete the installation, the icon will appear on your phone's menu bar.
§  Now open the app and search for your favorite videos, that you want to watch or download.
So please now we hope that you can easily download this app to your Android device, and we hope you liked this article and our way to write, so folks now go and download iTube Apk to your smartphone and enjoy your favorite videos.

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Why Aptoide Is The Best Alternative To Google Play Store?

Aptoide - Google and Google products have always been in the market. No doubt, they are authentic and  provide good usability to users. From the release of the Android open source free platform, Google has made billions apart from what it makes from its search engine. Android has turned out to be a game changer for the company in many ways. First of all, being a free platform, it is so compatible that it can be even fixed in a $50 smartphone with the limited number of hardware configurations. Plus, the features offered by the android platform are so cool and mind blowing. The android platform has brought a big change in how we used to use our smartphones earlier. The all new touch interface proved to provide a magic feel and the android apps made the whole concept more strong and apt. But as it goes, there are many more talented people who can provide the same concept in a better way.

Till now, you could only download the android apps from the Google Play Store, but, now, you have an amazing alternate platform to fulfill your need. The name of the platform is aptoide. Aptoide is nothing but a cool app which provided a gateway to the aptoide marketplace from where you can download the coolest and the latest android apps for free. In the recent time, aptoide apk has turned out to be one of the biggest platforms competing with Google in the global market. This is because the aptoide app has many features which you were missing in the Google Play Store. I will be discussing these features with you shortly and will be also giving you the official link from where you can make the aptoide apk free download for your device.

First, let us see the features of the aptoide app and how is it different from the Google Play Store.

Aptoide app features:
1) The aptoide app is available in more than 20 global languages.
2) Aptoide apk is being downloaded more than 2 billion times globally till date.
3) All the applications on the aptoide marketplace are available for free, even the premium ones.
4) Many apps you won't be able to find on the Google Platy Store even.
5) Download more than 65500 applications from the aptoide marketplace.
6) The interface of the app is quite sober and easy to understand.
7) Enable automatic downloads.
8) You can put up your individual market on the aptoide app using its premium version.
9) Aptoide apps can be downloaded in countries like China and Russia where Google is banned.
10) Aptoide app can be played on your smartphone, smart TV and even on your PC.

So these are some of the features of the aptoide app which distinguish the app from the Google Play Store.

Aptoide is a masterpiece and is currently being managed by the company CM Software. CM Software is a flagship owner of the open source CynogenMod which is the most famous open source platform available for the android lovers.

Coming to the download part of the software. 

Aptoide apk download 


Downloading the aptoide app is a simple task with a little twist. The twist is that you won't be able to find this application on the Google Play Store. Google remarks the application as a threat and a malicious app. Although, we know the real reason behind the remarks. 

You can download the
 aptiode apk from the official site. Don't worry, the app is thoroughly tested and implemented. It will take you to a whole new android marketplace that you have been waiting for. Providing all the application for free doesn't mean that the application is a threat to your smartphone in any case. Remember, android is a free platform, so should the apps also. 

So, after downloading the apk file from the above link, follow the below steps in order to install the app on your device. The link will show you different versions
 for the app, lite, android and smart TV. Download the version which suits you for.

Follow the following steps after that.

Step 1:

Downloading the app from a third party needs a little change in your smartphone settings.

Go to Settings -> Security -> Click "Unknown Resources" -> OK -> Download.

Step 2:

Go to Download and -> Click on the Aptoide APK file to install on your Smartphone.

Step 3:

After the successful installation of the application, you can access the android marketplace on the aptoide app. Download the best apps for free.

Do share this post with your friends. Do comment the name of the first android app that you downloaded using the aptoide apk.

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Benefits of Facebook & YouTube Video Seo Tips

Benefit of Facebook & Youtube Video Seo Tips

Hello guys in this tutorial I will explain you the best benefits of facebook and youtube video SEO tips so many people are uploading videos in youtube but that videos do not show on the first page on youtube by using that particular keyword and nobody knows what is the benefits of facebook and you can learn these two in this post.

Many small company owners struggle with retaining clients after a preliminary utilization of service or product. What these company owners do not realize is that there's a cost-free quite efficient way to do that. Social Media Marketing has become a big part of how businesses interact with its customer base as well as a manner by which they gain new clients. With a Facebook page, your company is gaining visibility, that'll enable you to obtain new clients. In this sense, Facebook facilitates company interaction between the business and its customers. Your Facebook page is the place to speak about your business and then communicate their news. 

Take benefit of Facebook to promote your site posts, news about your business, the events, and your relationships. Facebook can also be a chance to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website. This way prospects and prospective clients who're searching for info can find you more easily. All of the numerous reasons explain the importance for a company to continue using a social media, but particularly to develop it to be able to gather the advantages. Professional blogs became a powerful medium of communication in the professional sector. Better major edge of a business blog is to provide a huge boost to your SEO. 

Compared to the website which will be static, the blog often adds new pages to create targeted content. With a company blog, possibilities are much more prone to locate you via the search engines, and may readily be directed to your website. This closeness creates a comforting picture of the business, but also can help to develop the relationship between the business and its customers. Easy editing and upgrading speed: It's quite simple to add links, images or videos. A lot of companies post on-line videos on YouTube without having to worry about SEO. If you are a business that cares to get the contribution of your YouTube videos, a great SEO technique will help you to create more traffic to your videos. 

Here are several tips which will allow you to get more traffic to your videos along with eventually bring more traffic to your website. Write a long explanation of at least 200 words: YouTube doesn't have the skill to detect the subjects of the video. The more you give an extended explanation, the more Google along with YouTube will come to comprehend the issue of the video. YouTube uses keywords to rank you in its results thus don't hesitate to use them.

YouTube Video Seo Tips in Infographic View:

Youtube Video Seo Tips

Guys if  you feel free any doubts and suggestion please comment below.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Hello, guys in this tutorial I will teach you how to earn money through affiliate marketing program for beginners so many people are getting more traffic but they can't earn more money this is the best way to earn huge money using affiliate marketing program.

You may easily find effective tips about affiliate internet marketing for novices all over the internet. If you are contemplating delving into selling products and earn commissions, and you do not possess a clear idea on what it is about, then you must have these guidelines in handy. There are websites that provide such information, making affiliate internet marketing rather simpler for any beginner to set her or his first foot. Affiliate internet marketing for beginners needsn't be difficult at all. You needn't be a professional on-line marketing and such, only to succeed in the field. With the help of those efficient guidelines, the path to profitable internet marketing is made simpler to tread. 

Many affiliate marketers would really recommend that you concentrate on distinct niches, in order that the affiliated portfolio will be wide-ranging. This is really effective in garnering attention from more customers. Don't forget that you're still a beginner in the field. Therefore, it'd be safer and better to just concentrate on one marketing program. In time, your marketing capabilities will be honed, and you may then move on to various niches. Verify the quality and credibility of the product you're promoting. 

Why would you need to promote an item that does not serve the purpose that it guarantees? The only way to check the quality of the merchandise you're marketing is to use the merchandise itself. By doing this, you can check for yourself that the merchandise is indeed valuable. When this is established, you can promote the merchandise more economically as well. Figure out how to give clients more value with the products you're promoting. Now this is an essential tip on affiliate internet marketing for beginners. You may prepare your very own eBook on the product that you are promoting, for example. 

Make certain to prepare an eBook that's laden with all kinds of useful and relevant information. What's more, you may also provide the eBook as a free inclusion with every purchase of your merchandise. Freebies are a certain way to catch the attention of your customers. Offer subscriptions to on-line newsletters or magazines. This is another useful tip on internet marketing for beginners. With your on-line newsletter or on-line magazine, you can reach your clients, and give them constant updates about your services and products. These would also keep the attention of your clients.