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Best Photo editing Web Apps Every Photoshop Fan should Have

Best Photo editing Web Apps Every Photoshop Fan should Have

Editing photos are one of the major hobbies these days. Recognizing the fact what wonders you can do with good photo editing skills is an art nowadays. You can simply manipulate things beyond measures, by simply using a few tools. With these skills, you can startle anyone, keeping them in an awe. This skill of using and understanding Photoshop is of great worth in modern days. Making a good use of this Adobe Photoshop has gained major popularity in recent times. Nearly this software will be found in every designer's personal computer. Though not everybody has the access to Adobe Photoshop. But what should others do in such circumstances?

Solution To Your Problem!

We are here with the solution to your problem. In case of Photoshop is inaccessible you can always find an alternative to achieve your Photoshop goals and objectives. It is very simple, all you got to do is visit web based editors and get your desired tasks accomplished.

Web Based Apps?

Below are mentioned the best web based apps that are perfect online photo editors for you.


Our second web based app is, It’s a free photoshop online editor. Whether upload the photo to edit from your computer or you are wanting to create graphics from scratch this tool will suffice you in your every hour of needs. An interface which is simple yet creative and offers designers and users with the best set of features & tools. Same as the Adobe Photoshop offers to its customers. What else do you want to have if not the FreePhotoTool for accomplishing your graphic goals?


Online Photoshop Free is one widely used and highly regarded alternatives of Adobe Photoshop. It is a cross platform free to use web editor for photos. Which has all the basic and primary features, that you may find in the Adobe Photoshop. So it is basically all that you need if you are a Photoshop fan you will love this Web editor. 
With this editor, you have all that you need to get working with.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor:

Behind the development of Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, the brains are same that were behind Adobe Photoshop. This is the web based version, and to distinguish further, it doesn't really look like the Adobe Photoshop. Rather it is much simpler and less complex. 
It is user-friendly to such an extent, you won't find any difficulty making use of its tools. Although both are the same company's products but still are quite different in interfaces.


The last but not the least, Photopea is another cross platform, open source web editor. It offers support to PSD, XCF as well as the Sketch Format, which makes it unique. 
Photopea is a simple web editing app, you can just visit the website, and begin editing or uploading or creating graphics. 


We consider the Photo editing and Photoshop skills to be no less than an art, hence to enhance your skills we have sketched best web editing apps for designers and other photoshop fans. So what are you waiting for? Make use of the list.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Outstanding Purposes of Adopting CRM Technology to a Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an outstanding technological development of managing a firm’s relationship and interactions with its existing customers as well as potential customers. Perhaps CRM obtains customers’ details starting from websites, email, telephone, social media data, and much more others across multiple channels. Thriving organizations in the Salesforce CRM have proven the technique efficient when studying their customers’ needs as well as their purchasing behaviors. The core objectives of CRM to an organization include; better customer experience, gaining more customers, increased revenues, simplification of marketing sales, and reduced costs.

According to - what is CRM? A CRM tool serves all individuals in a business setting starting from sales people, customers, management, and to others within the business line. Particularly, CRM seeks to help an organization to focus on their interactions with their customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers. Due to its ability to store customer and prospect data, it tends to be easy to track sales opportunities, record service issue, and regulate market campaigns from a single location. CRM guarantees both small and huge businesses a great visibility and easy access to information which is key to increased production.

Benefits of using CRM

Apart from identification of the right customers and keeping customer records, CRM is a great deal of a business; a strategy for the future. Most organizations strive to remain steady in the competitive business world today. With CRM, a business is a guaranteed a long-lasting solution that forecasts future sales, business objectives, and profitability. Therefore, the ability to collect data from different channels and store it in one unique location can make forecasting easier and accurate. In addition, tracking such information allows an organization to segment target audience.

In some instances, most organizations struggle to market their products due to inefficiency in some communication channels. With CRM software, sales and marketing are not a problem anymore to those organizations that apply the technology. In fact, a CRM platform allows one to manage inquiries across multiple communication channels without losing track giving customers the best in both sales and marketing.

Besides, the fact that CRM promotes increased customer retention, CRM guarantees a business an increased customer base and improved customer support. A business can successfully apply CRM technology during marketing campaigns to gain more customers by efficiently ensuring their promotional campaigns reach people who are not already their customers. Lastly, CRM incorporates other business documentations such as signing, accounting and billing, and surveys, to ensure that information streams perfectly to offer a business a true 360-degree view of their customers.

Dangers of not using CRM Methodology

At times running a business without CRM is an early sign of failing in business. For instance, without CRM, vital details can get lost, meetings are not followed promptly and tracking customer details tend to be a serious headache. Flooding of information is one of the common problem firms struggle with when they are not using the CRM technology. Thus, it is obvious that this can lead to sluggish and unwanted responses.

Customer Relationship Management relates to how a firm interacts with its customers with a core objective of keeping them engaged. Although it takes a lot of time and resources to adopt, the CRM technology has a considerable number of advantages as compared to disadvantages. Thus, with the absence of a common mode for client relationships, communication would be lost in the myriad of information.

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Keeping Focus For Better Grades

If you're​ a student in school or university, I don't have to tell you the toll that studying can take on you. Late nights and long hours studying are all a regular part of any college or school experience. But, these long hours can make it hard for you to keep your focus. This can lead to you searching for ways to boost your focus naturally.
This is because losing focus is a big problem, as it can be the difference between remembering or forgetting vital information. This can then be the difference between getting the grade you want or coming up short.
This is why you need all the help you can get to keep your focus sharp when studying. One way of doing this is through choosing the right nutrition. Putting the right nutrients into your body can improve your brain function, memory, and boost focus.
The easiest and fastest way to do this is by picking the right studying drink. The right drink will help give you the right nutrients quickly and can be easily increased or decreased as needed.
So, we put together a list of the best drinks that you should include in all of your study sessions below.

The Top 5 Study Drinks For Better Focus:

1: Coffee

Key ingredients: Caffeine

The inclusion of this drink is likely no surprise to most college students. While it might be simple in its ingredients, it is very effective. This is because caffeine is a potent stimulant that has powerful effects on the brain. This repeatedly shows in studies when it boosts focus and memory in those using it.  

This makes the caffeine-rich coffee a great study drink. This is especially true if you're looking to pull an all-nighter and cram in a lot of information at once. It can also help improve performance in your tests or class when you're tired.

Coffee also has a lot of health benefits for the brain in the long run too. But, you should be careful not to drink too much. This is because excessive caffeine can cause anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleeping problems.

2: Green Tea

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, theanine, catechins, antioxidants

Green tea is an often underrated and underused drink for studying. While it doesn't have the same amount of caffeine in each cup as coffee, it has its strengths. A few strengths are in the catechins and antioxidants it has.

Both of these ingredients have beneficial effects in the brain and can increase brain matter growth. This can then​ lead to better memory and recall, which can be useful for tests.

Like coffee, it also has a lot of health benefits and a lower risk of adverse effects due to high caffeine. Green tea is natural and one of the best brain supplements to improve focus and concentration and improve your well-being.

3: Monster

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Taurine

This drink gets a bad reputation. But, it can be a handy drink for boosting your focus and learning capacity. It has also been proven to be perfectly safe to drink. It can also help improve your brain functioning during the test. This is because it combines taurine with caffeine.

This small addition can make a big difference and puts Monster up there as one of the best study drinks. It also makes it an excellent choice for a pre-test drink.

4: Vitamin Water

Key Ingredients: Calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C, B Vitamins

Vitamin water has become a popular drink for many health enthusiasts. But a lot of people underestimate its potential as a study drink.

The minerals found in Vitamin Water, including calcium, magnesium, and zinc are all used by the body to maintain the nervous system. Considering that your brain is the center for nervous system signaling, this means it is vital to keeping it.

So, the minerals in Vitamin Water make it a very useful drink for improving brain function and health. The Vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant, fighting inflammation. This brings the same benefits as mentioned with green tea and makes it one of the healthiest drinks on the list.

5: 5-Hour Energy Shot

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Taurine, B Vitamins

This drink is a great option if you need a sharp rise in focus. It's also a good choice if you're looking for a short-term increase in brain functioning. This makes the 5-hour energy shot great for quick study sessions in between class or after a day of lectures.

But, the potency of this shot means it can be easy to drink an excessive amount. This can cause the same issues as with coffee. So, you should limit these shots to 1 to 2 each day, with at least 6 hours between them.

Top Tips For Using Study Drinks:

While the above drinks will help give you the nutrients needed to boost your brain power, these results can be augmented. This is because the timing, mix, and variation of the above ingredients can get you further than one drink alone.

So, to get the most out of your study time, the following tips should be followed:

  • You should start drinking your chosen beverage 15 to 30 minutes before studying.

  • You should sip your drink slowly and not drink it all at once.

  • You should vary the drinks you use for studying to take in and maximize the benefits of all the ingredients.

  • To avoid taking in unnecessary calories, you should look out for low-calorie variations of some energy drinks.

These include Vitamin Water Zero or Sugar-Free Monster for example. However, it is possible to boost your focus with tea or coffee with only a minimal increase in calories.

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Download VLC Player for iPhone and Ipad (Simple Guidance).

VLC App For Ios: Download VLC for iOS for iPhone (Simple Guidance).

Hello, everyone, we will come back with a very amazing article. Is your thinking about this article?

why am sharing this article with you is so many people are using iTunes for saving videos music and so on but they got bored they want something interesting than iTunes right?

yeah, guys here is the article we introduce one new amazing app for sharing videos, files and music and so on but how we can share those type of files? don't worry about it I will teach you everything about this app.

In my personal opinion about this app is very amazing why because we don't have any type of connection through using the data cable.

I think one question running in your mind 

What then how can we save computer to ios without using data cable?

this question is crazy I got also this question but this app no needs a data cable.

In this app we learn about how to save and will tell you here about save without using data cable is but we are sharing anything by using IP addresses.

I will tell you today we can files, videos, and music through using ( VLC app for ios ).

Those who have already used it do not Need an introduction because VLC Media Player is among the most outstanding names available on the market of media players. 

VLC can play just about any well-known media format, and it could be expanded with support for additional formats very easily. For those who want to dig more deeply, there's a special setting to extend the settings menu, revealing access to pretty much every configuration option of the program.

VLC App For Ios: Download VLC for iOS for iPhone (Simple Guidance).

In fact, we don't even require a data cable to send video files to iPhone or iPad.So without any further, I do let's get go to the article
 All these functions can be done through VLC App For IOS.This is one of the best media players for iPhone and iPad that place almost any media format than the default IOS media player.The best feature of VLC IOS is that is can be independent of iTunes users have a choice to select movies or videos files that can be uploaded to iPhone and iPad without using iTunes.


Here is the thing require (or) you must need 

1.An iPhone or iPad

2.VLC for mobile to install an app.

           You can download an app by using the app store for free(more info).

3.Wireless Internet Network

   Both the I device and PC on the same network (more info).

now let's take a look on 

How we transfer videos and movies to iPhone without the help of iTunes:

First, open the VLC application on iPhone.Click on the small VLC icon button to get more options here from the list of options select sharing via wifi and you will see two addresses.

VLC App For Ios

Now switch over to the computer and open your favorite web browser.Type the IP address or phone local as shown on the app.

VLC App For Ios

It will open you a clean interface that will help you to upload video files over a wifi.Make sure that your device is on the same wireless network.

VLC App For Ios

Click on upload files button (or) just simply drag and drop the files that you would like to watch on iPhone (or) iPad wait for few minutes until the transfer of file completes these transfers are no way related to internet speed or bandwidth.
VLC App For Ios

Now check the VLC app for ios the video files and enjoy watching your favorite movies (or)videos on your iPhone.

That's it from now guys hope you all like this article and share with your friends and social media and subscribe for more new updated posts into your email and get a new amazing post.
If you have any doubts (or) any suggestion regarding this articles please comment below we will respond as faster we can thank you.

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Music Paradise Pro For Android And iOS | Updated Version Download

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro - Have you ever heard about this, I am talking about Music Paradise Pro, the best music downloader. So, if you're looking for the best music downloader to download your favorite music songs for free, then the wait is over, let me introduce the best app, that can allow you to download any of your favorite songs. 

Today we came here with an amazing app called Music Paradise, but what is it? Then, folks, we are sharing this article in which we will try our best to provide you every possible and useful information about this amazing app. 

Music Paradise Pro The Best Music Downloader For Android And iOS -

The major, work of music paradise downloader is, you can download any song or mp3 recording from this music downloader for free. You have no need to pay anything, without paying any single cent, you can download a lot of songs, from music paradise app

And the best part is all the song are un-copyrighted, it means you will get all the legal content, no one can copyright about the songs, that you will get with this amazing music downloading app. According to me, it is my personal experience, that I got this app, as the best music downloading app, that I ever had. Because it gives me the liberty to download a lot of latest and old song, those are not available easily on the internet too. 

Besides this, one more thing that I really love in this app, that is the quality of songs, Yeah because guys, without quality, quantity doesn't matter. Then with this app, you will get the world-class quality of the songs, that you will get with this app.

Download Free Un-Copyrighted Music With Music Paradise Pro App -

Well, not only I am the single person, who is saying this, even I just told you my own experience, but if you read the users review, then you will found that the app music paradise pro downloader, has a lot of satisfied users. So now, if you were searching hard to reached the informative place where you can get all the useful information about music paradise app, then now you reached here on our blog, where we will share all the concepts about this app. 

Music Paradise Pro The Best App To Get Lots Of Free And Uncopyrighted Music For you -

It means below you will get everything about how to music paradise pro download for android and for iOS too. Then we are trying our best to make this article sufficiently informative, that can make our readers satisfied, then below we will share the best instructional tutorial to download music paradise app,

by which you can easily go for music paradise pro downloader, and with our tutorial, you can download this app for Android and iOS both, because we will share two amazing tutorials, one for Android devices and one for iOS devices.

The Best Features Of Music Paradise Pro That You Will Get With This App -

Music Paradise

We have shared a short intro part for this amazing app, and I think there is no need to be introduced more because it is a trendy app. And getting more popular day by day, so guys, now here below we are going to share some of the best features of this cool app. Because we want to serve you the best and every possible information about Music Paradise Pro. Then now we are going to share some best features, that you will get with this app. So guys let's give a look. hey, guys, after reading this informative article, do not forget to check out one more amazing and informative article, about the Best Cordless Vacuum cleaner, and here you will get some of the latest and best cordless vacuum cleaners, with complete review and buyer's guide. So, must give a look.

Look At The Below's Features Of Music Paradise Pro -

  • With this app, you will get an inbuilt music player, in which you can directly play the songs, that you want to play or download.
  • Search accuracy is also too good, you will get your search result with a single click.
  • It will give you a predictive search box. Just you have to start typing, and the rest App will predict. It will give you suggestions as well.
  • You can get all the songs at one place, and you can download any of your favorite songs.
  • All the tracks, you will get are uncopyrighted, and you can download them legally.

Download Music Paradise Pro Downloader For Android -

Music Paradise Pro Download

Well, now after sharing some best features of this amazing music downloading the app, now we are going to share the best instructional tutorial to download Music Paradise Pro on your Android smartphone, so let's get ready to check out this tutorial get the process of music paradise pro download.

Follow These Steps For Music Paradise Pro Download  For Android -

  • Before going to do anything, just go to your device's setting, and allow unknown sources on your Android device.
  • Now click here to download music paradise apk file.
  • After downloading the apk file, now go to your file manager and search for music paradise pro.
  • Click on the apk file and hit the install button.
  • After completing the installation process, an icon will appear on your menu bar.
  • Everything is done now.

Download Music Paradise Pro For iOS Devices -

Music Paradise Pro

So, folks, now after sharing all the useful information about music paradise pro download for Android, now we are going to talk about music paradise for iOS. So guys if you are looking for the best place that can provide you the best possible information about how to download music paradise Pro for iOS, then you don't need to go deeper. Yeah because of the app music paradise pro, easily available on iTunes App Store, and you can download this app directly from iTunes App Store in a right way. But you came here then, 

To Direct Download Music Paradise Pro Downloader For iOS Just Click On This Given Link Below. Click Here.

So, guys, we hope you liked this article, and now you can explore our site to get more fantastic and informative articles like music paradise pro downloader. Now also do share our blog on your social media, platforms. And still, if you have any query about music paradise pro then comment down below in the comment section, we will come to you as soon as we can.

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Download Music Paradise Pro For iOS | Full Guide About How To Download Music Paradise For iOS

music paradise pro

Hi everyone, We all have a lots of work to do in our whole day, each person gets their kind of tensions, headache, pressure of work, home problems, and many more all these kind of things get calmed by doing  certain things like playing favourite sports , mobile gaming but all these above 90% people prefer to “ LISTEN TO MUSIC “ .  Of course, we all do the same. But in all these tensions and etc. we don’t have time to google new songs and download to our device, so  I am introducing this application which uses are mentioned below. The name of the application is “MUSIC PARADISE.” 

Why Music Paradise -

MUSIC PARADISE: music paradise is an application used to listen to the song through online and offline too. Music paradise it can be used as our common music player and also listen to latest songs through the internet. Music Paradise has the best and fastest search engine which is connected to all the popular music applications. We can have latest songs, private albums, ringtones, backgrounds and also video clips. It is completely legal to use.

What Music Paradise Pro Do?

music paradise
Music paradise Pro is very fast when comes to searching new songs this is because it has contact with all the other music apps. The developers of music paradise take all the copyrights authorities as fast as they can, and then they provide those music albums to its is also used to edit or do crop the songs. This is what music paradise is famous for.


  1. Music paradise needs to be login for sure if  you are not interested in login just go with another mp3 application
  2. Phone dialler and contacts permission a must otherwise song will not pause when we are in calls
  3. Accept the apk permissions too.


music paradise pro download
Music paradise is the best application for IOS mobiles rather than Android users because we all know that how much it costs to download an iTunes from our I tunes, so it’s better to get them for free rather than paying lots of money to download the tunes for your mobile. Music paradise in IOS mobiles provides iTunes, ringtones, latest songs in online, etc. all these entertainments is just for free of cost we don’t need to spend a dolor in it.
Guys, it is very easier to have music paradise in IOS rather than in Android mobiles because music paradise is an IOS application it is available in your store only.

Procedure to install music paradise in IOS mobiles:

  • Go home and select IOS store
  • At the top search for “music paradise pro” and select the perfect application of music paradise, almost 99% the first result is the correct one.
  • Open the application and do download and install the application
  • Once the music paradise is installed go to the main menu and open music paradise
  • Accept all the terms and conditions asked by the developers
  • Login with your Facebook  username and password (login a must step in music paradise)
  • Now you will reach to the main menu of music paradise and just enjoy with all the crazy stuff available.


  • Legal to use and every day up to data.
  • Can maintain  playlist for our favorite songs
  • Completely user-friendly application.
  • Everything available here is free of cost.
  • Fastest search engine.
  • Both online and offline accessibility.
  • Can maintain separate playlist and can keep password to that list
  • Can share liked songs with our buddies who are using music paradise.
 1) Mobile network or Wi-Fi is required for searching new songs.
  2) login with Facebook or Gmail a must.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Music Paradise APK For Android | Full Guide To Download Music Paradise Pro App

Music Paradise Pro

Hi guys  we all know that we all work or do anything in our life to get a luxury living, so   in all these  works, tensions, responsibility the best way to relax is just listening to some music and watching some funny videos .not only us but 99% of whole human beings like to listen to songs .

Music Paradise -

Music Paradise is an application which is very famous in providing latest music albums, songs, private albums, ringtones, backgrounds in our busy life we don’t have soo much time to go to theaters or other entertainment programs so this the best way to get some entertainment whenever we get some breaks.

Music paradise has the best search engine facility which will access the famous music applications like jabongo. The developers of music paradise pro will take permissions from the music producers before the songs hit into markets. So we can get every song within few seconds when we searched for paradise is completely legal to use because it has all the permissions required for it. So all we need is just download the application and have fun.

Which Features Made Musi Paradise Famous -

Music Paradise

Search engine: it has the fastest search engine which accesses all the famous music applications and gives the required result within the short span that is within seconds. We can have all the music albums in it available in online.

User-friendly:  some applications are very difficult to use but in music paradise, it is very east to use, it can be used both in online and offline. Even a small kid can easily operate music paradise.

Royalty: we can have that feeling that we are using a legal application and every layers and trending song is available in music paradise.  So there is no need to access tho google to download latest songs because everything is in music paradise.

Other uses:  it can also be used as our regular music application for offline music, we can crop songs, and options like maintaining separate playlist, hide our favorite songs, play repeater songs etc.


Music Paradise Download

Music paradise pro was not officially launched in google play store, so some fake people create the fake application of music paradise in stores .it is available from unknown sources only. The So click on the link given below and follow the below procedure to one of the million users of music paradise.
  • Download the apk file and open the apk file.
  • Scroll down and select install (make sure you have allowed unknown sources).
  •  After installation opens the application in the main menu.
  • Accept the required permissions asked by music paradise application.
  • Login with your facebook id.
  • Have fun with music paradise.

NOTE: allow to access your phone and contacts otherwise songs will not stop when we receive calls.
          : Login is the must

          : not available in google play stores 

Pokesniper APK Download for Android ( How To Download ).


Hello, guys we all well know about the trending online game Pokemon and how much news it was created since from the do first day it was lanced.
Well, inowI'm going to explain how to use poke sniper apk and how pokesniper apk is used to play our favorite Pokemon game. 

Important Things About Pokesniper APK:

Wanna gets same rare Pokemon to get more exciting gaming experience with some powerful rare Pokemon which we couldn't get easily.
We know that we couldn't get the rare Pokemon easily even we found them in our game.

Best uses about Pokesniper app:

Pokesniper apk is an application which is used to snipe the rare Pokemon without the poke sniper app we are unable to catch those rare Pokemon and without the poke sniper guys are getting soft ban also very difficult to find the Pokemon.So why not try this latest poke sniper apk.
Pokesniper needs to access our location as we all know we can change our locations by changing the longitude and latitude

How to avoid the soft ban in Pokesniper:
  1. Setting our own location that is set exact location of our home by this we can avoid getting the soft ban.
  2. If you had a notification that your account was banned in poke sniper the then try to login in Pokemon go official application.
The installation process for Pokesniper:

Follow the given procedure below to use pokesniper in your android:
  • Download and Install the Poke sniper apk.
  • Once it was installed go to the main menu and select the pokesniper app and what you need to do is open it.
  • Once we open the pokesniper app it asks to accept or cancel the agreement of Pokesniper apk.
  • Now once we reached poke sniper app and go to home page main menu select accounts and then press add account.
  • If you are new to Pokemon Go press add new account and enter your email and password other accessories needed.
  • If you're already a member of Pokemon Go gaming world then add your old email by just selecting your google accounts and turn on Google account button.
  • Set your exhaust location coordinates.
How to hunt Pokemon using Pokesniper:

Guys hunting Pokemon using pokesniper is a bit difficult to understand so follow the steps carefully step-by-step then once you understand you can hunt a number of Pokemon's easily.

Follow the given procedure given below:
  • After adding accounts go to the main menu select your saved account.
  • Enter the name of Pokemon's we need to add in our Pokemon's list.
  • Now enter perfect coordinates of your location and press snipe those bitches.
  • When the pokesniper app displays you ready then you have done everything perfectly.
  • Now you have a rare Pokemon's please go to Pokemon's go app and check it.
Most common problems and solutions Of Pokesniper:

      1.Pokesniper closing at once?
  • Uninstall the Poke sniper and install the latest version of pokesniper.
      2.Always showing errors?
  • Do clear cache, Force stops<clear data or reinstalls the latest version.
     3.App closing when I press "snipe those Pokemon's"?
  • Give valid input (or) reinstall applications then finally what you need to do is reinstall that app then you can solve all problems at a time.
Important points you should remember:

  1. Always log out in a pokesniper app when you are moving to the Pokemon go official app.
  2. Before sniping Pokemon please make sure that you have an empty room left
Guys, I hope you are love this post if you learn some cools tricks in this post and this app and share this post your friends and social media and encourage me to thank you.