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7 Basic Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn't Bring Money

Basic Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn't Bring Money

An idea that blogging can bring you a six-figure income sounds encouraging, especially for newcomers. So, they join the race, create their own blogs and wait till these blogs bring them at least some money. But they don’t. Are you in the same boat with those bloggers? Then analyze what you might be doing wrong and how to make your blog work.

1. No income sources

I’ve heard bloggers asking about the ways how a blog can bring real revenue. Creating a blog is not enough to earn money. Maybe there are no product ads on your blog at all, or you’ve chosen non-effective products for sale.

What needs to be changed:
Before you set up a blog, think about the products that you could sell with its help. Choose some popular but not highly-competitive products. You need to believe in them and understand why they are valuable for users. If you already have a blog, create a list of all the related services and products that could be advertised through your blog. These can be either your own tutorials, books, services, desktop tools, apps, or someone else’s affiliate products. No matter what you choose, you will also need to mention the selling proposition in your blog posts instead of simply describing topics. However, your posts shouldn’t sound like ads.

2. Lack of subscribers

Even if your blog is perfectly written and it offers some valuable products to users, you still need regular and loyal readers. Promoting your blog is as important as writing it.

What needs to be changed:
Make sure your readers can subscribe to your updates and receive all your posts right to their inbox. But they are very unlikely to do it without a reason. Offer some free products and bonuses to them in exchange for their email addresses. They can be e-books, app trials, tutorials, or other offers they might be tempted to get for free. Use all the proven traffic generation channels to promote your blog and encourage your readers to subscribe. As your subscribers receive your blog updates right in their email inbox, it’s your job to craft really compelling and catchy titles to make sure the emails will be opened at all.

3. Blog is overloaded with ads

When trying to sell too many items on your blog, you eventually end up making no sales at all. If you sell something, it should attract attention and there should be some references to it in the posts. But if you have too many products, you will only make your readers confused, especially if you have too bright and glimmering ads.

What needs to be changed:
Choose one basic service or product that will be well visible for your readers. Make sure it’s not crowded by other ads. Traditionally, blogs have a clean and minimalistic design. Overcrowded blogs will immediately scare all the visitors away and there will be nothing left for them but to close the page.

4. Weak blogging brand

To buy products that you advertise on your blog, readers need to trust you. They are unlikely to listen to the recommendations of someone they cannot trust. The lack of personal information,brand details, or facts usually makes readers indifferent to your selling offers.

What needs to be changed:
To sell products through your blog, you first need to establish a connection with your readers. Don’t write pages about yourself, but provide some key facts that can serve as a good proof why you are a good expert at what you write about. Readers will buy from you only if they see that you understand their concerns, problems, and fears. Show how your product can solve their problems and what they will get in the end. Don’t sound over-promising – rely on facts, figures, and previous experience. Show your photo to the readers, let them know you are a real person who is passionate about your niche and the product you are advertising. They need to see there is much more behind your blog than just business.

5. Bad design

Very often, users don’t even have a chance to read your posts because they leave your blog right after they open it. That’s because of how your blog looks like. I am not referring just to a website layout or the home banner – by bad design, I also mean poor text formatting, bad readability, inappropriate font size, and color selection.

What needs to be changed:
It is highly recommended to create the clean and minimalistic design for your blog. Another factor is the way you organize text. Divide it into separate short paragraphs and use a few subheadings within the text. Today’s readers prefer scanning the text before actually reading it. Make sure they can do it when they come to your blog. Use relevant images or even create custom graphics and illustrations. Don’t use too bright font colors and huge font sizes. This kind of formatting is too distracting and looks outdated. Make sure your blog is not cluttered with ads, CTA’s, links, and other design or formatting elements that can only scare visitors away.

6. Inappropriate choice of a niche 

Some blogs are just easier to monetize than others, which is often because of the niche. Some niches are just so popular that everyone is writing about them.

What needs to be changed:
Find a proper balance between popularity and competition. Don’t choose too competitive topics or some really rare ones. To have a clearer picture of what is going on in search engines, choose a few niches and perform a keyword research to analyze how competitive your selected niches or sub-niches are. However, don’t go too far from the things you are experienced at and knowledgeable about. Very often, bloggers switch from their preferred niches to some more popular ones and eventually fail because they cannot show their best when writing about things they are not passionate about. Remember that sales are, first of all, about emotions. The more you care about something, the better effect you will have on your readers.

7. Not enough time and patience

Blogging requires a lot of time, consistency, persistence, and diligence. Blogging is also about trying various techniques, testing different types of ads, products, CTA’s, approaches, content lengths, writing styles, and lots of other related things. If you are looking for immediate results, it’s not the case with blogging.

What needs to be changed:
Analyze the best practices in your niche, try what others did and improve things that you find irrelevant. Keep track of your blog analytics and analyze everything in detail – bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, the behavior of your CTA’s, etc. Be ready that blogging is a long path. You need to try and test numerous techniques before you start seeing any results.

Still confused about your blogging results?
You invest so much time, effort, and energy in your blog and see no rewards in the long run. It’s demotivating, discouraging, and simply unpleasant. It’s okay to make mistakes, but you need to identify and fix them. Move your blog to the next level and get your rewards.

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Android Optimizer Review: Systweak Android Cleaner Makes Up to be a Good One

 Systweak Android Cleaner

While Google has been canny enough to launch newer updates, they aren’t made available to all Android devices. Apparently, users with updated OS are nowhere in the struggle to keep their phones optimized (since that is been taken care by the OS), however, this isn’t the case with older versions. Android devices with aged versions often become sluggish after a certain use. If you happen to fall into the latter category, then we’d recommend you to perform regular cleaning and keep your phone optimized for smooth functioning. Having said that, doing so can be little complicated and chaotic if you don’t have an Android optimizer on your device.

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Today we have Systweak Android Cleaner with us for review. Let’s figure out how it helps Android phones remain optimized and boosted. Stay with me!
First Impression of Systweak Android Cleaner- An Android Optimizer

I started with downloading and launching this android booster, which was pretty quick. Upon launching, its striking UI impressed me the most. It clearly displayed all its features right on its home screen. There are Phone Boost, Battery Saver, Junk Files, Duplicate Files, Hibernate, Game SpeedUp, File Explorer and App Manager features on the app. Let’s see how they work and if they are essential for your phone.

Features of Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner lists almost all features that are required to boost up an Android phone.  
Phone Boost:

Phone Boost feature mentions the percentage of occupied RAM and storage being used. This feature helps you optimize RAM on your device. Simply tap on PHONE BOOST button and let it work for you. If you’ll tap on Storage Used feature, the app will direct you to its another feature- File Explorer, from where you can preview and delete any content from your device.
Junk Files:

You phone happen to accumulate junk files on it. Junk Files feature calculates junk files for you, which you can delete once you have previewed them. This feature helps you recover memory space on your phone. However, this android cleaner takes considerable time to calculate and dig out these files, which might bother you when wanting to clean your device quickly.
Duplicate Files:

This feature allows you to clean out duplicate content on your phone. Simply tap on Duplicate Files and let it scan your phone. Upon scanning, the app will categorically detect duplicate files, let you auto-mark them and delete them with a tap.
Hibernate Mode:

This Android optimizer allows you to put your apps on Hibernate mode, which forcefully stops an app. This essentially helps in saving phone battery and internet. The app returns to the normal mode once you open it. In order to put your apps on Hibernate mode, tap on the feature, then on the app and put on Hibernate mode.
File Explorer:

File Explorer lists data available on your phone. You can preview files on your from here and delete redundant ones. This feature is particularly important to keep your data organized and streamlined.  
App Manager:

Unlike the long process, which you follow otherwise, you can uninstall or archive any app with this feature. App Manager is the feature for you to manager your apps well. So now you don’t have to go anywhere to manage apps on your device but a few click on App Manager feature will do it all for you.
Game SpeedUp:
Gaming comes along with smartphones! If you’re are the games and spend most of your time playing games on your device, then this feature is for you. Game SpeedUp helps you optimize and boost up games on your phone, thereby enhance your gaming experience. All you need to do is to launch any game with this feature of Systweak Android Cleaner.
Battery Saver:
Battery consumption is invariably an issue on Android devices. Battery Saver feature extends battery life on your phone up to 50%. This is an extremely helpful feature available on Systweak Android Cleaner, for your device. However, you won’t find it on the home screen, but, you’ll have to tap on three bars stacked icon on its home screen and access this feature. This lists all apps and function on your phone which consumes most battery. You are required to unselect the listed feature or function, in order to stop it from consuming battery on your device.
These are the features of Systweak Android Cleaner, which also make up as essentials on an Android Cleaner. Other than this, it also has 6 themes that help users’ have an amazing app experience. You can select any of it and use the app in your favorite theme.
It is a free app available on Google Play Store and is also handy. In all, I’d say it’s a pretty good app to use. It never removes anything on your device on its own. So there isn’t any harm use this app, rather it helps you keep your phone optimized. 

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8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

 8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging is very common nowadays. There are those who blog for fun, while others want to share their stories and experiences online. Businesses also use this as one way to increase the exposure of their brands online, thus attracting more customers and growing their business. Whether you are starting a blog because it’s something that you like to do or you need this for your business, keep in mind that it’s not as easy as many may think.
It doesn’t mean though that it’s not doable because it is and you can be successful in this field, just like other bloggers who attained success. You just have to be aware of the challenges that you might face so you would have the right mindset and not just quit when the going gets tough.
Just like with any other things that you’re still starting to learn, it’s inevitable that you would be making some wrong moves. Don’t let this discourage you because they are part of the journey. Learn from these slip ups and do better.
Even the best bloggers today also had their own sets of errors and you could take them as learning opportunities too. You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that other bloggers made and this can be done by making yourself aware of these errors.
To help you with that, we prepared a list of the common mistakes that new bloggers make that can be seen in our neat infographic.

Learn from the errors shown on the graphic below:

 8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

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6 Best Android Apps To make Money in 2016

Hi guys. I hope you are fine. Today, I'm going to share some android apps that will help you to make some extra cash. Every buddy wants to make some easy money. And what is more easier than using some apps on your android. This is what we do normally, all day. But we don't make money. But today I'm going to share those apps that will really help you to make money.

6 Best Android Apps To make Money in 2016

21st centaury is all about technology innovation. People are becoming so advanced that sometimes scientific innovation are making us shock. Smart phones no doubt are one of the best innovations that are making our lives so easy in so many ways. Yes you can do a lot on your smartphone. It serves so many purposes at one time. But have you ever thought of making money by using your smart phone? Yes it is believed that you need to spend a lot of money on your android phone but now you can use it for earning money too. If you own a smartphone then download these simple apps and start earning some money.

There are a lot of scam apps that might make you fool. Don’t be fooled by someone. If you are really interested in earning money through your smart phone than have a look on article below. I am listing down 6 best Android apps to make Money in 2016. All these Apps are authentic and they really work. All you need to do is go to your play store and download them. Whoa earning money wasn’t that easy before.

1. Whaff:

Whaff is the one of the best and most trusted money making App. Whaff reward is the promotion application that is used to reward the users. There are a lot of tasks that are being done very easily if you are Whaff user. One important thing is that Whaff is application for android only. It is not available for iPhone not even for windows phone. It is very easy to use this App. Just lay down in your bed and download this App. Invite your some of friends. You should keep one thing in your mind that use only one Id in one device, using multiple Id’s in one device is prohibited.

Download Now:
Step to follow:
Just follow simple steps and start earning
After you are done with downloading the App in your android phone, open it and log in.
Use your facebook Id and password. Don’t worry about your personal information; it is safe with this App.
After that you will receive the code and you need to insert the code. Once you will enter the code you will receive some payments in dollars.
How easy and simple it is. So start using it now and earn some money.

2. CashPirate:

Cash pirate is one of the best App for making money through your android phone. It is best App as you can earn money while you are sleeping. The best thing about this App is “referral program”. You will be getting 10% of your referral and 5% of referral’s, referral’s.  Isn’t that so amazing? Cash pirates offers a lot of fun activities as well. You can download games, answer different quizzes and can watch videos. You will get the payment through PayPal, as a mobile recharge or as a Amazon gift card. So what are you waiting for download this app and start earning.

Download now:

3.  Earn Money- The highest paying App:

Earn money is highest paying App and is popular among the users because of its quickest payments. This App runs very well on android phone and can be easily downloaded by your app store. This app basically uses a coin system in which one coin is equal to 0.1$ that means 100 coins are equal to $1. You need to earn coins by inviting your friends, by downloading games, by answering different surveys to registering to several website. Download this best app now and start earning.
Download now:

4. mCent:

  mCent is one of the most sought after money making apps. It has been downloaded 450,000 times and is one of the best and authentic App to make money using your android phone. You will get paid by simply downloading several apps and games. In addition to that it also has referral awards. If your friend signs ups using your referral code you will be getting some gift or reward as well. So don’t waste your time in thinking, just go download this app and make money in your free time.
Download now:

5. ScoopShot:

If you love taking photos than ScoopShot is the app you need. Capture photos and get paid for that. Isn’t that amazing? Yes ScoopShot will pay users for capturing pictures of any event happening in that area. These photos further will be used by any media person or journalist in their article or somewhere else. This is the great idea. If you are photography freak than ScoopShot is treat for you. What are you waiting for? Download this app now and start making money by using your photography skills.
Download now:

6. Viggle:

Download Viggle if you are very must interested in watching videos, TV shows and listening music albums. This app will let you earn some reward points just for watching your favorite shows and music albums. All you need to do this just download Viggle and use it to recognize any of your favorite show. It will reward you with some points instantly. In addition to that they also have a feature called “Viggle Live” in which you can answer some questions to earn points while the show is live. These points will later help to you get the gift cards from your favorite outlets.
Download now:
I have tried to list down all the best Apps to earn money through your smart phone. All you need to do is just go to your App store and download the authentic App now. You can now earn beside your job when you are free or bored or at weekends too. How amazing is that, No?
I hope this article is useful for you. If yes than share it with your friends too and start earning now. In case you know something more interesting and informative, leave the comment below.
Thank you for reading.

Author Bio:
Arooshy Malik is a PR Professional & Editor at TechShur. She loves to write on Technology and specially android related stuffs.

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How to Export Data from EVERNOTE to GOOGLE KEEP

Exporting Data from EVERNOTE to GOOGLE KEEP

Hi guys,I'm here to explain to you how to export notes from "Evernote" to"google keep".After all, you're requesting I worked almost 2 weeks to solve all your here is the simplest and easy way to export all your notes in "Evernote" to"google keep" (OR) google keep guys all of us know well about "Evernote".But in my point of view "google keep" is the best replace of "Evernote"."Evernote" and "google keep" are too similar apps which are useful to use in the same way.
There is no direct way to convert your files and notes to google keep.So follow my procedure to do it.
As compared to these two trending apps,most of the Evernote users want to export all their notes to google keep due to change in their premium pricing structure.So every Evernote user is looking for a good alternative.According to me, it's nothing but google is available for free in the store.
In the past, Evernote used to charge $2.9 per month and $24.9 per year. later on, they came to increase the price as follows.$34.9 per year after that $49.9 per year and at present $69.9 per year.And also free account can be sync notes in just two devices many Evernote users are paying this amount because of all the notes stored in for guys like you can export all your notes to google keep by the following process mentioned below.
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keep has the special ability of reminder,which reminds you by setting particular time and location reminder.their reminders don't show up in google calender.keep also has features like edit notes,live share.we can put a picture into a note and then we can convert that into a list and add a title to is the best app which has the ability to display side by side and thin notes too.So these are the reason most of the people looking forward  to keeping.

  Guys the best and simplest way to exporting our notes to google keep follow the below process .
·        First download the desktop apk file of Evernote in your PC or MACBOOK.
·        Install it to your PC or MACBOOK
·        Login to your account
·        Click on the "file" which is at the top left corner
·        Go to export option and click "export"
·        Then go to "notebook" and select your relevant option
·        Select the format in which you want to transfer like (ENEX,HTML,MHT) these are asked by the system
·        Choose the export note attributes
·        Then press "ok" Select the location on your PC or MAC where 
     ·        your "file" have to save
·        Then add them one after another to google keep.
The above process in a simple way is export the files from "Evernote" as "HTML" form and save it,then open in the google keep(one by one).

How to Create and Send GIFS with Sound Effects in WhatsApp

Hi, friends,nowadays all we are know about WhasApp. this app make change your app world why because very one knows about WhatsApp and all we know about WhatsApp in this app come in public like just sharing photos and videos and also chatting purpose but, in some updates WhatsApp is changing very effectively and make much better results  from users a few days back WhatsApp introduce a some cool features is WhatsApp video calling and that one is good and no one know about another feature in WhatsApp that one today will make an article for all.I'm here to explain you "how to send gifs in what's up",  "how to create a gif from our gallery videos"and "HOW TO HEAR SOUNDS OF GIFS".Gifs are the lossless format for the image file.It supports both animated and static images.
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To create a gif to send our buddy's please follow the below procedure.
·         Open your what's up and go to your friend's contact
·         Select the attach clip symbol button     
·        Now select video option  Select the video from your galary· Then it asks to trim the video
·         At the top right you can see the video symbol press it,then it changes to 'GIF'
·         Then trim the video up to six seconds or below six seconds
·         Then click on send button
·         Then a gif type picture will be sent to your friend

So may people think that there are no sound effects to gifs .But no all,the video which has trimmed to gif has the sound option too.
Friends, you can hear sounds in gifs if they are available . so please follow the below procedure to hear sounds in gifs
·         After the gif received or sent  go to file manager
·         Go to WhatsApp
·         There you can see an option WhatsApp animated gifs
·         Select the gif which has sound and listens to it.

Friends the usage of gifs are very important in conversation. It adds the emotion,reaction and other feelings in the conversation.
To send a gif to follow the below procedure:
  •  Open your buddy's contact  and select the to attach clip which is at the top right
  • Go to gifs
  •  Select the gif
  •  select send.
So friends now the new  version of what's up supports to create and send gifs. I'll teach you how to create a gif from your gallery videos also.
Thanks for reading subscribe us to know more advanced tricks that other people won't know.

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How to Use Google Keep for Free Note Taking

 Google Keep for Free Note Taking

Hi, friends , I'm here to explain to you how to use "GOOGLE KEEP"and uses of "GOOGLE KEEP".Friends nowadays our life are getting very busy and in these tensions, we can't recognize everything because of our work tensions,busy in some other work and some other things.So here is the best solution for all these problems by using google keep.It will work on phone,tablet and also in google keep desktop.
Friends we can add notes,lists,photos,and audio in "keep".we can save our ideas,thoughts where ever we are in google keep desktop version.some times some brilliant ideas sparks in our minds and later on time passes we forgotten that,so quickly capture what's on your mind into a note and then we feel  how good is "google -keep".

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we can't remember the importance of particular day in a particular month,so we can note our relatives birthdays, marriage days and some other important days in every year.Then "google keep" reminds you the importance of that day to use.we can also plan surprise parties by sharing keep notes with others.
google keep allows you to share your thoughts with your friends and family members also.all you have to do is a just sync yours device to google account.


Google keep has the following options-

1)NEW LIST: In the new list we can list out what we need to remember.we can give certain title to notice simply on the notes.After we written something which is very important,then just set the time-based  reminder then google keep will remind you that.  

If we went to shopping,the common problem for each of use is forgetting the list of items,then it will kill our time by making calls or texting to the known person. so here just make a list of items,things  it will make your work much easy and save a lot of time.

2)DRAWING:Here you can draw few things and or write something and send others.its nothing but the pictorial representation of our ideas.

3)AUDIO RECORDER:It is used to record our audio or some other important audio which is very important to us and then set sometime in the reminder then it reminds you at that particular time so we can't forget about that and what we decided to do at that time.

sometimes we are very busy and even there is no time to note then just record all the stuff u need and your thoughts and set a particular time-based  reminder to make sure you never miss a thing.

4)ADD IMAGES:We can also add images from our gallery or from our camera to remind that after a certain time.we can also use location-based reminder also.


Friends we can find what we need fast by adding some color code,some kind of labels to quickly recognize what you need,a simple search will turn it on.

NOTE: 1)Don't forget to set time to recognize you again.

             2)Add labels our color to organize important note faster